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Holistic Psychiatrist

Dr. Kamini Psychiatry Is the Holistic Psychiatrist to Help With Your Mental Health.

Dr. Kamini is a holistic psychiatrist and holistic wellness expert with more than a dozen years of experience in the medical industry. After having practiced for 12 years as a medical doctor, Dr. Kamini is now focusing her time on assisting those in need of mental health relief. With a cutting edge facility that blends conventional psychiatry with science-based holistic wellness efforts, Dr. Kamini is equipped to assist you with your health and wellness needs. Let's walk you through what to expect with Dr. Kamini by your side.


First and foremost, as a holistic wellness expert, Dr. Kamini offers elaborate care that extends far beyond the realm of conventional psychiatry. Understanding how important our nutrition, environment, and social factors are can be the first step toward finding the health and wellness that you've been seeking. Dr. Kamini focuses on a hybrid model that blends bio-psycho-social-spiritual efforts along with science-backed, evidence-based research. Thanks to her cutting edge approach to mental healthcare, patients from all over the region are finally getting the help that they need.


If you are interested in pursuing the expertise of Dr. Kamini, you are going to want to begin the process by booking your first consultation. Your consultation can be made available over the internet to offer you the quickest and most convenient access to the holistic wellness experts that you are going to rely on. After your consultation, Dr. Kamini will discuss different potential paths that you can take going forward in order to get the appropriate care for your needs.


Dr. Kamini Psychiatry is an experienced practice where the stigma is taken away from mental health services. Whether you want holistic wellness or the assistance of a seasoned medical doctor and psychiatrist from the Institute of Mental Health, Dr. Kamini will be ready to lead you toward a healthier you.

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