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Dealing With Postnatal Depression the Healthy Way: Calling on a Mental Health Provider.

Postnatal depression is both a common and serious problem that impacts nearly 10% of new mothers within the first year of their child's life. While postnatal depression is commonly associated with only women, it can impact both fathers and partners. Dealing with postnatal depression is incredibly difficult without the assistance of a qualified mental health provider. If you or someone you know is dealing with postnatal depression, consider sending them to the offices of Dr. Kamini. Today, we are going to discuss what postnatal depression is and how Dr. Kamini can assist as a qualified mental health professional.


Postnatal depression can often be confused for the more common 'baby blues'. For the first two weeks of a child's life, the corresponding mother may feel down, anxious, or even ready to cry. If these effects last longer than the first week or two after giving birth, you might be dealing with postnatal depression. This affliction takes the form of many symptoms including lethargy, a lack of interest or enjoyment, and an unending feeling of sadness. Getting help for postnatal depression isn't impossible, though overcoming the issue can feel like a Herculean task. This is where a mental health provider like Dr. Kamini Psychiatry can assist you.


Dr. Kamini is an experienced medical professional with extensive qualifications in several medical areas. Dr. Kamini spent 12 years working as a medical doctor and general practitioner before transitioning into a career focused on mental health via the Institute of Mental Health. With her blend of research-based holistic treatment options as well as conventional psychiatry tools, patients of Dr. Kamini are quickly put onto the road toward recovery.


Having a qualified and caring medical professional by your side can mean the difference between overcoming postnatal depression and succumbing to it. Dr. Kamini is proud to offer private over-the-internet consultations as well as in-person home visits. Contact Dr. Kamini today to navigate your path to recovery from postnatal depression.

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