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Child Psychiatrist

The Benefits of Hiring a Child Psychiatrist To Help With Your Family.

No two children are made the same, so it stands to reason that the challenges they face in life will differ, as well. Dealing with a child that needs assistance from a child psychiatrist may feel like a huge burden and obstacle to overcome. However, through the assistance of a professional clinical psychiatrist, you and your family can overcome just about anything. Today, we are going to introduce you to the services of Dr. Kamini Psychiatry as well as the ways that she can assist you and your family during these trying times.


First and foremost, Dr. Kamini is a clinical psychiatrist that approaches her clients with the tools that they need in order to start feeling better. Dr. Kamini Psychiatry implements holistic health and wellness techniques to go along with her research-backed psychiatric skills. From cognitive behavioral therapy to help your child navigate the winding road of depression and anxiety, Dr. Kamini will have ways to help you and your family see progress as you tackle these issues. Dr. Kamini is trained and certified to assist with the issues highlighted above as well as how they can impact the rest of the family. If you are ready to take the first step toward health, wellness, and happiness, now is the perfect time to email Dr. Kamini for a consultation.


Dr. Kamini has been practicing as a medical doctor in general medical, surgical, and psychiatric departments for the better part of the last 12 years. Dr. Kamini is a graduate from the National University of Singapore as well as a registered psychiatrist in cooperation with the Singapore Medical Council. From depression and anxiety attacks to insomnia and behavioral issues, Dr. Kamini Psychiatry is ready to lead you and your family on the path toward recovery.


Contact Dr. Kamini Psychiatry for your consultation or scheduling, today!

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